I have had interest for photo shooting and editing for many years now, and as so, I offer to take pictures for private and business life/people. During the past years I have been developing myself and updating my knowlegde/training within photo shooting and editing. My photo shooting experience is especially family, Portraits, sports, nature, concerts and arquitecture. Im a studen of NYIP in New York, and have attended and passed with merit, comprehensive 20 day- Expert Course Of Photographic Achievement at Photography School Asia.

I have taken pictures in many countries such as: France, Iceland, Denemark, Germany, USA, Hawai, Australia, Philippines, Ungarn, Tjekkia; Nederland, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

My main goal for photo shooting is that the pictures should have a message or write a story in a way that captivates and interests the viewer.

I can shortly say about myself that I have work as a planning processor for 21 years. I am also trained as a datanom and certified as a bank agent from EIK, NLP practioner, PREP- leadership training for marital counselling, Basic Counseling, among many other courses. My interests are: Photo shooting/editing, running, music, nature, church community and travelling.

Pauli Djurholm - freelance photographer