Pauli Djurholm – Travel photographer
Has been a working photographer for many years, his passion is Landscape and People Photography. specialising in family, Portraits, sports, nature, concerts and architecture. Pauli has dedicated the past years to exploring Northern Thailand, in pursuit of stunning landscape vistas to photograph. He knows the people and the region in great depth and is keen to share his passion of photographing the region with you.
Pauli has travelled widely as a photographer on assignment in: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, England, Scotland, Germany, Philippines, Ungarn, Tsjekkia, Nederland, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Vietnam.
Pauli enjoys nothing more than really mixing and understanding the locals of the places he photographs. meet the local people, that is why he often stays with the locals who offer their homes to visitors using a ‘Home Stay system. The connections and empathy this allows him he is more than willing to share with you.
Pauli is originally from The Faroe Islands but now lives permanently in Chiang Mai.

Pauli Djurholm - freelance photographer
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